Why reject my html template

Hi this is my link why reject my tamplate any thing idea I asik support team but answer is not clear please help me i to improve my level

I ask support team answer is

Building great items can take a lot of care and a lot of work. Getting just one item over the line can seem hard. I can assure you though, the review team’s main objective is to get more high-quality items onto the marketplace

What is meaning please help

This my link

i am also newbie, I check your site and i think your site is old and too much generic. Color, Font Size need to improve. Blog Area, Testimonial is not so good, And also have spacing issues.

You can find free template better than your. Browse other themeforest approved template and you will get your answer.


  • Concept has been done a million times before and with respect to a higher standard

  • There is little to no styling beyond off the shelf elements

  • No premium features or functionality

  • Not properly mobile optimised

  • Code doesn’t validate

Code does’t validate
How to check code validate

Thanks Charlie very useful your answer and one more question

Not properly mobile optimised

How to check mobile optimised

Just open it on a phone…

but be aware - even if you fix the valuation (that’s a lot more work than it looks) and the mobile problems then you still stand no chance of approval with a concept and design like this.

It’s just far too overdone and there are many many free file sources there that offer a higher standard of execution.