Why Reject my flyers?

in your any opinion?

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Personally I like all of them. I don’t see any reason for rejection.

This is not your style Darkmonarch, you can do lot better than this.
One of the best flyer designers on GR.
So don’t go with the oversaturated same flyers as others, stay with your own style.

Your design is good, but I think that different reviewers taste is also their personal

I don’t what is the taste of new reviewers these days on graphic river !!!

I like you flyers, they are really good. Sometimes it is difficult for me to understand why something is rejected. I also don’t understand why the review time is 14 days or more. In my opinion, the whole review process should be canceled.

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The design is very selling, good

Your work is amazing @darkmonarch

Pretty cool flyers… reviewers should mention or post blog on trending design for GR so designers dont put effort on unwanted flyers