Why Reject my CV.

Why reject my cv’s

looks ok but keep in mind there are tons of this, maybe this is the reason.

hi tks to reply , but i dont no undertand whats “tone” please clear this issue

tons means a lot - many items

you should try food menu design, or text effects… :slight_smile:

Aside for there being so many in this category - there is some odd spacing and alignment going on eg

Sidebar content is slightly to the right of that area

The bullet points are spaced differently from the icon at the top of each section and font look like they align with the icon and/or the reference copy

Using duplicate copy throughout feels a bit lazy and unfinished


When you want sell in such popular category of the market you need upload really special ones.

Wow, this was quite jarring to come across, because it looks very similar to my own personal CV which I designed myself.

Your typographic hierarchy is not good at all. Study more about that. :slight_smile:

hi indeed u have problems of spacing in teh first place, u need to do something super professional, draw guideline and so on to make sure that the space is the same between all categories and so on … and inside the categories this is the same … bwtween titles and descriptions u must have the same spacing too
otherwise i think that you need to add font combinations, that all your typo part is a bit too much the same and that , this, the titles are not exactly popping out as expecting and same goes for the name of the person …
indeed i also tend to believe that using djokovic 's picture is not a good idea lol as this is not allowed to use celebs and that even if your item looked ok enough to be accepted, they would give u a soft rejection and ask u to edit the picture for the preview …