Why Pay for extended support for a product that hasn't been updated in 2 years

I purchased a theme in early 2022. All as working great. The theme is throwing a fatal error when I try to edit the page with the Elementor page editor. I did some debugging and found that the error is related to the themes core plugin. The theme is the latest version they’ve released (version 2.2.1) but that last updated was in Nov 2021. So that means it’s not getting security updates and big fixes and keep up with the versions of PHP that have come out.

Our support plan with the purchase of the theme has expired. To get support we’d have to PAY to extend the support plan for the author to respond to us. That seems backwards because we’d be paying them to support us when they are not supporting or updating their theme.

The theme we are using is DOR: Modern Architecture Theme

The theme is compatible with WordPress 6.2 supports up to PHP 7.4 ( also 8+ )

You can request for the update related to the PHP 8+ issues but it’s author decision to update the core theme/plugin or not at this point as he’s not breaking any rules.

In addition, it seems you have posted the “comment” on the item page 8 hours ago. You need to give some time for the author to respond.

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