Why other Items with Iphone Approved and mine one Rejected?

Hi! I have created realistic iPhone footage for APP presentations with real moving hands and gestures with included tracking data. It has great colors and nice keying. And after 16 days in reviewing stack it has been Rejected. here it is https://youtu.be/WTJuEqhuSW4

Reviewer provided the comment: Your submission contains apparently trademarked names or assets (logos, etc) not adhering to our content policy.

But wait where is logos? trademarks? And a lot of footage and projects with iphones are approved every day. So what should i do?

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I had the same problem, only in stock footage category… You can’t do anything, they said to me that they were working on solving it in the future.

The funny thing is that I had one very similar video, which was selling ok and when I told them, they removed it! But almost a 1000 projects are still containing a word “iphone” and nobody gives a damn!

Change your iPhone to some noname Android phone device.

HI I have seen this on some of the items that contains iphone images,
This item may not be property released.
look in the featured items an example of the one that uses iphone images

I dont know if that is something authors have to mention or what!!!