Why on earth would this be rejected?!

Can someone please explain to me WHY would this item get hard rejected? And if you’re kind enough, tell me what can I do to improve?!

This is my 4th item that gets rejected in a row for no specific reason!!

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Delivery Courier with Shopping Concept” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

hi I am not sure as I do not belong to this category (illustration) but as for I could tell as a designer overall is that the green blue skin tone just makes the character look like coming from another planet and thus makes the item look surrealistic in the first place. Otherwise , there are many issues with the shadowing, if u ask me …lots of shadows are lacking, on the shirt, on trousers, on the box, on the body , shoes and so on, just to consider the character only. Also why this pink shape on the ground? is that supposed to be the shadow of the character on the ground? the fact of the matter is , no matter what this is, this is that this looks surreal and this is not accurate as a shadow , for sure, not to mention that a good shadowing is one having different kinds of shadows - I recommend the huge YouTube channel of nemanja sekulic in which there is a video where he explains all this in details - and this is not what u have at this point

Nah. That’s not the case. But thank you for replying.

lol well if u say so … and that u know so much , so I assume that u know why it was, so why asking? lol

You know what? After a second thought, I’m gonna remove the shadows and change the skin tone. See if that works!


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Yeah, paint that the right way and it’ll be cool!

lol remove the lacking shadows? I am wandering how u can do this, I am looking froward to seeing this (little joke, peace, ok?) … the skin tone, this does not make it look real but I guess that maybe considered as “artistic choice” (not a good one if u ask me as regard to who u are addressing - that is to say corporate customers - but after all, this up to u, this is your item that was rejected in this case). I am also thinking that indeed the style of drawing is not super trendy and some are better executed , too , but, as I mentioned, I am not from this category and only the person who rejected it knows 100% why it was … no need to blame people who try to help u, this is of no help whatsoever to make your item accepted , not to mention, that opening to other people’s thought could give u a clue … now, u are free to take other people’s idea into account or not at all , this clearly depends on u …

lol. let me see if I have enough ink :joy:


No hard feelings mate. I do appreciate your help :slightly_smiling_face:

no problem , I wish u good luck for next time :slight_smile: and thank you for the cool joke about the paint, that made me laugh too :slight_smile:

u know with the saturation of the system indeed, this is becoming harder and harder all the time to have anything accepted , standards have been going high a lot as time went by , we all need to always put more efforts in what we do in hope that things are approved … so keep doing your best and I guess everything will be fine :slight_smile: