Why not let the buyers tell us how they use the items they buy ?

It would be nice to have a button on the item page from where the clients can say where they are using my items.

In this way we can know for sure where our items are going :smiley:


no one will use it ! its like the rate ! :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe yes maybe not. It all depends on what Envato is willing to trade for.

From SEO point of view, if Envato is allowing customers to post a link to youtube vimeo or personal site, they may goot traffic or rank transfer.

So the ideea is that Envato it was searching for people who used the items somewhere,why not let the customers do this for them

If they can at least try it :smiley:

Anyway, I will start by saying that anyone who bought on of my item he should contact me via profile and I will link back

hi, i think that the idea is interesting , however , i guess that most of the buyers will not take time to do just that , as @WolfSound mentioned rightfully so, lots of buyers are already not using the rate system, i guess they will be even fewer to use this option that is basically not useful for them, however, the idea is quite interesting indeed as i mentioned above :wink:

Letโ€™s say 10% of the buyers are letting us know where they use our items

My question is: Do you think is worth it ?

I got new ideeas by finding out how people are using some of my plugins. So is good to know where and how buyers are using the items( I plan to improve all of my items this year :smiley: )

If the clients are using the rate system they get nothing in return except satisfaction of punishing us the authors in case we have a bug or if she/he miss understood something.

But if they get something in return ( like a link back or maybe a badge? ) then thatโ€™s a different story
But this is just my opinion.