Why not let people modify an item after submitting?

Pond lets authors modify items after they submit them, why not AJ? Would save some time to not wait for an item to be reviewed and then issue another update.


While it;s in the review queue? Yeah, people have been asking for that for quite some time, so not sure if it will happen any time soon. Would be nice, but it has been mentioned before that people might use it as a way to subvert the sometimes excessive queue length by uploading an unfinished, or even ‘un-started’ item to reserve a place in the queue.

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If title and text revisions only were allowed, that would be a significant step forward, and would prevent system abuse.



Why would that be subverting the system for an author to competently time the completion of their product with the item evaluation? It is pretty standard procedure for a producer to have a rough idea of how long it will take them to do something, so why not let them use their expertise to the advantage of the marketplace?

LOL very funny, u are already not sure to make it with a very professional and aesthetic item so if u do what u mention the bottom is this is risky , or u recognize there are flaws in the system?! lol

Experienced authors who are able to time completion and review is one thing, but this will be a tiny % compared to authors who upload half finished items for interim feedback, or knowing an item still needed work, but in the hope that their wait time would be shorter.

It’s the later group who would end up driving review time up significantly for everyone.

That said - the ability to amend titles etc. As suggested above may be a basic half way point.

I’m just stating that the issue has been mentioned before!