Why not approved any work I do.

I’ve done my work 4 was approved. But somehow published studies that fit more clearly what poor aesthetic of his work. I want this work to revise my work there is an injustice. My study published elsewhere are not running at you. A solution must be found. Which do you think has to be of poor quality or unique aesthetic work, but I do not see any published studies.

hi, as for me the problem with the items that u are showing are a matter of style and execution , the style looks like a bit clipartish and the execution is not clean enough in a way as there no doubt that the uneven lines are not part of a grunge style in this case or something like that … on the car this is approximately ok but the mammoth one is really having strange differences about lines and edges and it really hurts the way it looks in the end …

Thank you for your comments. Website interface has approved more rigorous studies to my work though.

as for what i could see u are doing better about websites and TF than illustration and GR so u basically should concentrate on this lol as this will be much more beneficial for u indeed