why not accepted?


Hello @PompoDesigns

Sorry for I say you that your design is too basic quality (spacing, colors, typography, etc) but I give you a advice that before start make a design from zero you can see other design for example in themeforest approved but you don’t can copy it but only give some ideas, it’s inspirations only.

Good Luck.


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so you think that is the design color and spacing and font that make it rejected ?

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Yes, also your design is too basic.

the main reason is the design you think
so if i see alot of examples approved in themeforest and try with my style do you think it will get approved ?

Yes but themeforest need unique design (not copy other design) will to approved.

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ok , i will give it a try ^^

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Below my draw for example for give some idea for make my design psd but please you don’t copy my idea thank you.

(Sorry my draw is very messy)

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I don’t think this will get accepted…

What is this? is this responsive?

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