Why no feedbacks ?

Hello, i am new on Envato market.

I submitted some projects just to start and to learn how to be ok to be able to sell my products.

The big problem for me is that my items are all coming rejected without any feedback and i have no hidden items on my dashboard page, even if i submitted more than one template.

Why there is zero help from the reviewers team?
How do you face the case of a rejected item without feedbacks?

At the moment i would never suggest people or friends to join the market here, you could spend 1/2 months developing a template that could be rejected without any feedback :open_mouth:

Thank you for any explanation, if any :slight_smile:

If files are close to approval they get ‘soft rejected’ and will have feedback

If files have no feedback then they are ‘hard rejected’ because there is too many things for the reviewer to explain.

Hi, thank you for the quick explanation, but this still confusing me.

Can’t the reviewer type at least (Problems: Header photo, menu icons)

So that next time submitting it will be fixed?


Not really when there are too many things wrong to provide detailed feedback. for a few reaosns:

  1. When there is a lot wrong it will take a long time

  2. For example if a reviewer fed back on hard rejection saying, “the typography is not good enough” or " There is a lack of visual hierarchy" or “lacks technical quality”…

  • what if the author does not understand this?
  • what if they simply lack the professional ability to fix it?
  • what about the subjective difference between what an author thinks is good enough and the reviewers opinion?

Either this will confuse some authors more OR they will fix stuff then resubmit and if they get rejected again they will be more upset because they will feel they have answered the reviewers requests and it may still not be good enough.

Does that make more sense?

Nowadays you can get soft rejected on design and don’t get any feedback on it, just a regular message like “we will give you feedback if file meets a certain quality treshold”.

True I have seen people say this - not sure why that has changed but I do think the reasons (esp. the subjectivity issues) are valid for any reviewer soft or hard that comes without feedback

I understand the difficulties in reviewing many projects.

What i am wondering is which are the guidelines, or the guide document that a reviewer is following right now, if you put some (all) rules in a list written on a guidesheet (shared between reviewer and seller) both parts knows what is wrong and what’s correct in real time, and you give the possibilities to fix what’s really wrong.

The only way to satisfied both reviewer and seller needs is to share a document between where reviewer checks and seller fixs, avoiding bad moods and omens.

Don’t you agree?

Maybe you have a more efficient method, but the actual one looks really not fair / clear to the seller/developer/designer.

I can imagine the reviewers simply don’t have the time to give explanations. Many post their rejected items here on the forum to get feedback from us, maybe this is something you could try?

+1 @frankypiccolo share a link to your rejected file and that will help osmeone give you advice.

Regarding a list they go by - while yes it would be a nice idea, I am not sure how it would work.

They are chosen because of their expertise in their field and their knowledge of the marketplace so for example website (just because I know more about these) they will look at the principal stuff around design (e.g. hierarchy, layout, fonts, alignment, originality, modernization etc) and development (e.g. coding, validation, optimisation etc.).

I imagine they get a ton of files everyday many of which are nowhere close to the standard - this means that to do anything more than what they do now would mean more time (which authors already complain about) more effort and it will still come down to the same thing as it does now… what a reviewer classes as approval design.development/creative or otherwise may not align with what an author thinks this is and with or without a list that won’t change. In actual fact it is likely to cause more issues when authors argue that they have ticked all the things on a reviewers list.

With respect to ALL authors - reviewers are not here to teach anyone how to design, develop etc. and assuming a file follows best practice fundamentals and does not resemble others on here then there is a good chance it would be approved.

Hopefully that makes sense.

Yes makes sense :smile:
Is just that is annoying the actual review system, for example, Apple too is very restrictive when submitting apps on the app store, but at least you always know what’s going wrong.

I am sure that the Envato itself could benefit with a more clear reviewing system for the sellers, avoiding new users to gave up on first rejection is a great thing imho.

Said that, i am not here to argue on this, because i have absolutely no power or rights to pretend anything from them, just my suggestion from the point of view as a new user :slight_smile:

Thank you

It’s always good to give them ideas and suggestions.

There are a few things (this included) where envato are stuck between a rock and a hard place and each case have to take the best possible option.

Good luck with your future submissions.