Why my work got rejected while others are online?

Hello, i worked more than a year on a software that can beat all the OTHERS software (same kind of software) that are already sold here as they have less features than mine and they violate terms of Telegram while you use them. I’ve done EVERYTHING to make it compliant with codecanyon guidelines, and after 1 year and 7 months i was ready. Yesterday i sent the upload request. Got rejected WITHOUT PERMISSION TO SUBMIT AGAIN!
I can’t even know whats wrong with my software while other software with same purpose are sold here and generate 10/20k in revenue, mine can’t be sold i not only i don’t know why, but i can’t even try again??

Here they sell products that send bulk messages to telegram, whatsapp, do spam and other. Mine was similar but with THE PURPOSE TO NOT SPAM and hep you to get visibility without breaking rules of Telegram LIKE OTHERS DO, They sell all this products without problem and mine, more helpful, less invasive, that DO NOT VIOLATE ANY telegram terms (LIKE OTHERS DO) was rejected.

I have worked on 3 different version of this software, now i’ve sended the request only for the most advanced version, i’m scary to send the other two version because what will happens?! I’ve followed guidelines with all three version and now i can’t resubmit the most advanced. The others are smaller, but just scared to submit as codecanyon may block me uploading for WHO KNOW WHAT

Without seeing a demo/preview video etc it’s impossible to advise but there are also several reasons beyond the item itself that could be a problem eg. Did you submit all the documentation etc correctly

Sure i’ve done everything. A well done documentation with install instructions and use instructions, a website, a support link, credits to external resources, i respected all the points on guidelines. A perfect presentation in html for codecanyon with beautiful graphics, gifs to let you understand the software before buying (other does not even have more than one screenshot that rapresent NOTHING)
The only one i’m in doubt is the logo that appear in my software at startup, i saw somewhere that maybe the logo is not good but, this worth the exclusion from retrying the submit? Why they don’t tell me the main reason?

They sell a lot of Telegram SCRAPER and ADDERBOT without problem, all of them are worse that my software as they WANT to let you violate Telegram terms, while mine offer you the features to not violate them and not only that, it tell you how to not violate them in order to do a better job!

The website is doublegram dot me if you wanna check something, it is not perfect, but it was ready for launch.

Based on the website, presumably it’s not exactly the same or are you selling the entire platform to people?

Eg you can’t have the multiple editions for items on envato - it’s selling all or nothing

The execution of the website will is not great although I’m not sure using that as a demo would cause a rejection

I’m selling the software you see on the website, the website is only informative and in the future will have link to codecanyon for buying (as soon as the software was approved)

There are 3 different editions yes, but all are different products for different needs, with different features. It is like Adobe selling Illustrator, After effects and Photoshop. Just i use the word “edition” in a different way. And the 3 editions will have 3 differents prices, for every budget.

And this is a software really like other that are sold here on codecanyon! Absolutely! But mine prevent you to be banned or do violation of Telegram policy, this was my goal for the more than one year project i made. I’m wondering if it is because i use the word scraping in my description (while other software sold here DO REAL SCRAPING - as it is the purpose of their software - even if they dont use this word in their description)

Btw i’ve uploaded only one version! Not three! I announced in the notes that i would like to upload 3 different editions, but does it worth the impossibility to upload again? What can i do to sell software as other people already sell?? That’s crazy!

And can i ask you what you found on the website? For graphic i know the problems, but maybe you were talking about other things.

And yes it is the same of the website! Absolutely!!

The multiple editions is very likely to be a bit of an issue.

You won’t be able to sell 3 versions offering different levels of functionality separately.

You would only be able to sell the item as a whole (as you have it on the website) or a more limited version of it

I can sell just one without problem, thats the reason why i submitted only the “premium” version first, and sell other version outside codecanyon. I can’t see the problem here! I’ve submitted only one version! And promoted it only, no talking about any other version in any promotion text or image or anywhere except my website (that does not tell “hey you can buy on codecanyon”, it does not say you can actually buy nothing)

And in my website are promoted all the three version, not only one as you describe :thinking:

You couldn’t do this as an exclusive author.

I suspect that the reviewer had issue with something else other than this particular challenge but I know that they are making this type of functionality less acceptable in the marketplace since the ones that you have seen and for the reasons you flagged earlier

You could try emailing support to ask for more info but there’s no guarantee

It is not a problem for me! I can even do not sell anything at all but the premium version here! As it give me a lot visibility i just prefer this! This was an idea to answer you but the only real fact is that i sent only one version, they could reply “You cannot sell others” and i will have replied “ok no problem”.

Anyway thank you Charlie for your answers…i will try on the support so…