Why my Wordpress theme got rejejection for 3rd time.



Hi all
i’m confused as my wordpress theme is rejected for third time.
Pls advise what are my issues and what to imporove or what are my errors.

Thank you


Hi, As per my opinion. There are number of issues in your theme:

  1. Slider not smooth and it is showing blank white space some times.
  2. Top and bottom spaces of each section must be equal on all pages. For example look at section named - Check our latest news
  3. Look at this section “What others says about us”. It is not correct.
  4. Correct the full width of your theme. Look at screenshot.
    You need to look at this theme more deeply. There are many bugs with this theme.


Thank you very much for your time. This is my first time posting a theme and really was not sure what reason could they have. If this is enough for a reason then i will unify my theme margins and issues.

Do you see any other issue on my theme?

Thank you again!!!


Where is the creativity? I feel like I’ve already seen this site. Thousand times


There are hundred themes in themeforest which are similar.
This is not a a reason for rejection.
There must be another issue.


It sure is, beside other issues.


Other issues have been already fixed, like revolution slider and space on sections.
Then if it’s only creativity, i can work on this.
Thanks all, all feedback is welcome further.


Whatever you think, it’s very important for envato reviewers. It is important for them that the buyer had a choice in design. I wish you success, and I am sure you will succeed!