Why my website template rejected

My website template rejected by the message “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward”
would you please check my template if any idea why it rejected


They are not easily accepting these one page resume templates anymore as there are far too many that look the same

To stand any chance you need to offer something exceptionally different and unique

Oh right
Thanks for your message

would you please check this link instead:

  • Secions are too squashed together and need better spacing/padding and the top/bottom

  • Don’t duplicate ‘speicalsing in’ modules

While I am not a fan of this style of template it definitely offers more than many of the others in the category


Your design is quite outdated and this is a main rejection reason. You have to think about your color palette and the way you space elements. Spacing and alignment is a major problem in your template. Also sorry to say that the mobile view is stuffed with bugs.
You’ll definitely need more attention to details to be approved on ThemeForest. Good luck!

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