Why my visiting card art work got hard rejected?

I have submitted visiting card design and it got rejected. Can any one suggest why?



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please suggest

hi this is too basic graphic design wise in the first place and this is decreasing the commercial potential of your item , as people will would have been very unlikely to buy to save some time and would rather opt for redoing and saving some money indeed … then, the global style is a bit off, it looks a little bit retro style but not really mastered and i think that this is the real problem … beware o the choice of colors, they are not always very legitimate and neither are they really sell ng your item, so why putting them ? the fake logo is not credible enough otherwise, i suggest that u invest a bit some time trying to create a truly professional one that will take your game to the next level rather than not really bringing anything to the table or even matching with the rest …
the tagline of the concerned logo is not in the right proportions and i think that you would be better off with a company name being shorter , it would help for the aesthetics, the balance and everything. Otherwise icons are too simple, they look like photoshop presets and this is generally not helping people to use such icons. I think that introducing some texture or another type of work as regard to the background would be greatly welcome , too