Why my VideoHive project got hard rejected i Dont get it ????

this is my item the animation and style are very clean and minimal and yet for some reason i got hard rejected ???
the preview video

where as this gets approved
example this : https://videohive.net/item/valentines-day-youtube-logo/25666251

please post the preview of your rejected item here, so anyone can give u advice and/or suggestion

i did its a vimeo link is it hidden ??
anyway here is the link again
video here

still not showing here bro, and the link is broken,

wait the minutes, i try to clean my browser cache first.

there is problem with your browser mate just click the link in blue

Amazing work bro… hard to say. I think it has quality, organic movements and potencial.
I also had recently a hard rejected item. Are envato reviewers possibly not fans of Saint Valentine’s day?
They should be more specific. We spent so much hours just to get frustrated :triumph:


I knooow Rightt thing is how to report this ? and get a chance ? any ideas ?

I think you could contact the envato’s support team, show them the example you quoted and wait for a “decent” answer. Nowadays you don’t know what to think about. This sometimes has no logic at all

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indeed btw that the 2nd submission its even way improved to the first one and still got rejected
what pisses me off is that example i have linked has some many flaws and problems and yet got to pass the reviewing process like a champ

I know that feeling… Yesterday i had my third consecutive rejection…

Ouch Man that really hurts it really sucks
thing is they dont even specify Why just huge NOP i think the reviewers are biased sometimes

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Totally, I’m convinced they can’t be using the same criteria, it has no sense

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I like your animation, its really smooth. BUT, I think you got a rejection because the logo itself doesnt have any kind of animations, it just simply rotates in with the heart shape. I think the animation itself could be good for the motion graphics category.

Just my opinion :slight_smile:

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Post your work on other stock sites. My project got hard rejected on Envato because of god knows why and I uploaded in on other sites and it’s selling pretty good. I think Envato just doesn’t really care anymore and the selection/approval process is pretty random. I have some projects here that are awful to navigate through because I made them when I was just a beginner in After Effects. And they all got approved without any problems. Now when I know what I’m doing I get hard rejected. So don’t take it hard, man. I think Envato just has bots (or something similar) that decide if some project is a pass or not.

pretty much what i think man
what other sites do u recommend to sell the templates ??

I don’t know if I can ‘advertise’ other stock sites here… but there is one that has a pond and number five in it’s name. :))))

I guess this last post is gonna be deleted soon. Maybe I’m wrong but…

Really good smooth animation.
Seems like this approval process is so random.

I got my 1st item rejected yesterday.
@GoForMotion @nfStudio1986 @Wesual
I appreciate if you guys can see my logo animation, and help with the topic I posted.

have a great day