why My video get rejected for 3rd time

Hi Everyone

Im new to VideoHive. Im a member for long time but I started uploading project few months back. I have tried 3 different videos All of them got rejected. Please check the link below

I have no idea what can I do, Non of the effects were stollen from any others files. All made completely by me. I have uploaded every shots as MOV 444 proress codec due to numbers of plugins I have used. Please advice what can I do. I struggling alot to get an idea since I didnt receive the reason

Please refer my composition below

Any Advice would be really apreciated. Thank you in advance


the animation of shots 4 and 5 are much the same with small difference of camera zoom out, the wave didn’t tell us what will happen next, you tell a week story for your customers. the design is simple and the final logo reveal effect has simple techniques and effect.

Hi HardEdgie

Thank you for the reply. So U think I must get rid of one of those shot and keep it the edit quick ?

Thank you

Get rid or modify it with more complex motions to be more harmonious with the ovar all idea

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Thank you Hardedge for the advice. Will change according to your comments. Cheers :slight_smile:

The idea of the work is good but you ruined it up by choosing the wrong camera.

I will add: Framing is way off in the final shot.

Thank you Creative. will reframe again

Thank you Mograph. Will change the cam angle and reduce the time of the shots . Hope that will help