Why my video footages has been rejected

Hi everyone! Please help me to understand, what wrong with my stock footages: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhE4f9JDD9M Here is some of them, actually, i have already 50-60 rejects and i can’t to understand what kind of quality standart i didn’t get here( (P.S.: i have approved items in my portfolio) Thank you in advance!

Colors are too flat, especially the reds and golds. You can help this with better lighting. Plus, additional lighting might give you better bokeh - which is attractive in a Christmas shot.

Your compositions also need work. Google image search “christmas bauble on tree” for guidance. Baubles should be the main focal point. Clip 3 looks like an outtake - nothing is featured.


Hey, I think the footage is too static. Either turn on a fan on very low speed to make the Christmas toys and glitters etc swing a bit or literally just use your mouth to blow air ahaha. Or another approach make the camera slowly pan or something. Adding more movement will also help with creating nice moving reflections, glitters and bokeh effects. Now I felt like watching photos with animated lights in the background, not a footage per say.

Second I think the colors could be better? Use different lights as @EnchantedStudios suggested that would color everything in a more beautiful color, not this poopish yellow, if you want to sell “not color corrected” versions. Else color correct it a bit.


@Atamotion @EnchantedStudios Thank you, guys!