Why my uploaded file was rejected.

hi u have a good deal of lethal mistakes indeed … first of all using the logos of social medias is no a “don’t” as u are using copyrighted and trademark material so that they cannot accept your file no matter what …then, u have to figure out that this is difficult to understand which category this item is belonging to, indeed. Apparently, this looks like a “custom” logo and definitely not a logo meant for the marketplace, which is another huge mistake , if so. Then, there are execution mistakes as regard to the ground, which makes the item look not as professional as it should be. Still if this is a logo the reason why this is not meant for the logo category of a marketplace is that the logo is too detailed. There is also something to reproach, as far as the finition goes. The shadowing is not done properly and the “scene” accordingly, does not look realistic enough or credible enough. The “illustration” is detailed but some elements are lacking as the fact of the matter is u have door handles but doors are nowhere to be seen and so on … plus the text part is far from popping out a lot and some like the header one are indeed definitely lacking contrast and messing with a basic design principle like this is really not a good idea , I guess u can identify just this