Why my two flyers was hard rejected

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I can’t work more flyer, I think that I will change other categories for approved graphicriver.

I’ll be honest, they aren’t as good as some of the previous stuff you’ve done.

The summer background looks clean, but the stuff floating around looks like random clip art. The white glow behind “Night Party” looks out of place, and makes it hard to read the text.

I still think the Corona Virus party flyer idea isn’t a good one. Businesses are shutting down, people are in self quarantine, large gatherings are banned, and some cities and countries are going into lockdown (no leaving your home). There’s no value in party flyers in general, let alone one about the virus.

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thank you so much, I will fix best my next flyer, regards.

Jeri - if you really have to try earn with corona virus leave parties - clubs, pubs etc are closed. Also after virus end nobody will make party to celebrate virus and fatal deaths… you can be sure of that.

little advice? -> we are facing beginning of economy crisis (a big one) -for example it’s hard to buy physical gold and silver now (I am not talking about numbers on screen but about physical gold and silver in your hand) - so I think if you make flyer about gold or silver available for buy and something similar you will earn more because dealers will offer their gold when they refill their warehouses.

and this is just one example from last 7 days.

Focus on things which are coming after virus ends because this is when people will recover, buy, invest, sell… etc. now everyone sitting at home, playing playstation or something (not buying on graphicriver for sure - all we can see that unfortunately) - such action requires deeper thinking and analysis. I gave you example from europe where now it’s hard to buy physical gold - people buying gold and silver now like crazy :slight_smile: Read history - see what happend after 2008 + analise current situation everyday = make conclusions, search new niches because they are going to show up for sure :slight_smile:

good luck :slight_smile: I am not writing about designs here - xio and n2n will handle this better than me :slight_smile:



What was the point of the previous thread if the advice of other authors and your conclusions that you made were sent to the trash?


Which flyer I can make and approved graphicriver? please help me thank you so much.


I don’t understand why approved flyer coronavirus for other author

[link removed]

It looks like you essentially tried to copy that flyer, even using the same text, fonts, and colours. Which that in itself is not very good practice.

That flyer also seems to focus on being an alert, but at the same time I’m very surprised that it still has mention of parties, clubs, girls, events etc. even though it’s all completely irrelevant to the flyer content and subject. Personally I don’t think that flyer should have been accepted for multiple reasons, but it is what it is.

Don’t just do something because someone did it.

no same but similar not 100%

That’s not the main point I was making.

Other thing I not speak english 100% sorry, I not can write good english but if I write some error english text will hard rejected, I can copy similar text other flyer for approved understand english.

hey buddy i use to tell her what was wrong about this one , the thing is that she did not manage to understand part of the things i said - she is not super proficient in english and my spanish is quite rusty indeed - i use to tell her for instance to stop making the same font combinations, to stop using the too massive outer glows around the main / central titles and to drop smooth shadows under some texts so that they spring out a bit more but this looks good all the same (not like with massive shadows like under the footer , for instance), among other things
i have tried my best to help her for both, but i feel like she is rushing to execute changes and misses some every time

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u are right all the way :slight_smile: and unfortunately as u mentioned , most of us are aware of the disastrous sales the week … to complete what u mentioned, i understand the problem is that she is probably not able to do this at the moment due to financial reasons ors things like this, but i believe Jeri should keep on learning , trying to focus on acquiring new knowledge and develop her skills, as not only are sales as dead as they could be and probably in a durable mode, but with such a saturated market this is even difficult for very experienced designers not to face many rejections right now , and i know what i am talking about

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sorry my bad understand your advices but your don’t writing good spanish, i don’t understand very good spanish but i speak spanish 100%

i have never said that i was fluent … indeed, i used to study spnish in high school for a few years and that was a very long time ago. It’s not very natural to me anymore and my spanish is rusty not to mention that i fail - obviously - to know some technical terms in spanish …

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I thank you very much for helping me my best flyers but I am still learning someday one day will accept my flyers sell 100% quality, I am still not learning 100% my flyers you have to be patient sometimes I will not understand your English very well but I Also sometimes use google translator but google translator is not very good.

I understand best you speak with me english if I don’t understand u but I can make a ask you.

i think that sometimes it would be better for you to speak spanish than english, it would probably be easier for me to understand , too, as regard to how unclear your english turns out to be …

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Te voy a hablar en español es mejor para mi que ingles porque yo no soy muy bueno para escribir en ingles.

as u wish …

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