why my this item is rejected?

Item is rejected due to quality standard, I can’t understand what is the quality standard? What I am missing in image quality. I tried to follow all instructions but at the end rejection due to quality standard I am new here need your help please

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If you know basic Photoshop ( and similar software ) you don’t need to purchase the item ( background ) to achieve this product within few seconds. At this aspect, this cannot be a premium item

Thank you

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hi well the fact of the matter is that, apart from a rather low commercial potential indeed, as regard to the fact that the item is rather easy to recreate without much time, effort and really advanced skills, the bottom line is that u did not really manage to value your work and make it outstanding in many ways. First of all, the choice of colors is everything but making the file / product and background look not adapted to most of uses and make it pop out to say the least. There is not enough contrast and as u may know messing with contrast things amounts to say that u are violating a basic design principle, which is a terrible mistake in many ways, especially when it comes to exposure and impact. Then, again u increase the problems with the preview file itself. I assume that u can figure out that red text over a shade of blue background is not the best of choices to make the text look readable, visible and to give it the right exposure. otherwise , look, the preview is an important part of an item, this is sort of the interface between u and your worm in one side and the reviewer and buyer in the other one, so that u have to make sure that the preview is outstanding as much as possible and that “it sells”. I would thus recommend that u use some mockups for people to get to see how it would look like in some of their possible uses. They would be able to realize more what they would be buying and how they could use the product … . Finally, I am not sure that promoting the rgb color is ushc a good idea, u should offer both because some the people expecting to use the item could very well be people using it for printing matters. Offering rgb and cmyk would thus make more sense