Why My This Item(Bi-Fold Brochure) Rejected

I am Trying To Approved my Design In Graphic River many Time But Every time It Was Rejected. i Couldn’t Understand why Its Happened.I saw many Design In Graphic river, Design looking and Work Quality Is not Very Good then My Item…Then Why My Item Rejected Everytime.

hi buddy the thing looks clean globally but u have a few issues of alignement and spacing and , as this is part of the basic design principles , this is a bit disturbing indeed, see for instance , “our creative” is too close from the edge. The black black block in the inside part is not aligned with the rest , too. I guess that u also have to try to introduce something a bit original typo wise, especially as regard to titles, even if thsi better than what u used to do in my view, maybe not enough yet … lol

Thanks For Reply…will U please give me Some Information About Typography

Just like you said. The design is almost like any other GR live items. Envato wants something new and better items on what it currently have. Don’t just follow on what is on the current market.

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this is definitely a good idea to bring his personal touch to the table, though inventing something completely new all the way is not that easy either … when there are so many guys in town and so many items too