Why my this 2 logos rejected.

I try my best to follow all the rules for submitting Logo templete, still my designs are rejected. Why?
Find out my mistakes and give me advice.
ZajakAllaH Khairan

You are too far away from what a logo should be.
You just broke all the design rules.

My advice is to start to understand the very design basics.
See and learn from this video


hi there, wow! are u realizing that it takes glasses to be able to see your item in the screen ? lol kidding but what i man by this is that th colors u se are kind of very flashy and aggressive visually … besides, i am almost sure that this is rgb colors that u used when u are expected to use cmyk ones … and i am not even talking about the typo , wow do u identify that this is a scary one? lol ok stop kidding, more seriously, no doubt that u did your best but u have tomake a real subsequent effort when it comes to typo, font combination, color combination and fonts and color choosing. Do u realize that u have diverging perspective in the first logo and the red color ot the tagline is coming out of the blue, thus finishing to emphasize the lack of harmony that u have here … in addition, if u ask me , but this is just a personal opinion, the illustration part is too flat … introducing some gradients and effects in the mix would take your item to the next level …

for the neospike one , indeed part of the curve is too thin as they consider the logo in small size here and honestly the curves look uneven, plus i do not believe the game u made with the N letter and illustration is working as this is crystal clear that this does not belong to the same font , u should either drop the n in the name or make sure that both are matching. The font combination is not good as this is not haronious at this stage and indeed u have a hierarchy problen since the bolder and more outstanding part is the tagline right now, when the name should prevail …


Thanks @DesignSomething

Thanks @n2n44 . I also get terrified about the color. It was something else in the Ai white board.

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Plese give me feedback about these logos . Also suggest where to edit and font names to use.

the triangle one, i have a problem with it lol i do not understand what is the relationship between shape and theme … colors and font and not ok, u need to completely rework it all in my view …

the brand logo one is too simple , u should introduce some effects and try to make sone font associations, try to make it all much more lively indeed

the dr3-01 one i like it but honestly the typo is not matching with the illustration, tagline and titles are not harmonious in terms of font, colors and font combination but u have a cool base to to work with as the illustration is pretty cool in my view

in the lotus life one there us much harmony and it look pro, though the font u used for “lotus” could much improved indeed. Introducing some additional relief on petals would also take your work to te next level according to me …

the clgo one, well typo is really not good sorry to say just this but u should change it all about this …

the open one, i like it much but teh typo could be better once again and most importantly u have no tagline which may lead u to be directly rejected , plus it seems that u have no horizontal version when this is required too

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Thank you very much Sir.

pls do not call me “sir” i feel like u are addressing my father lol if we help here this is out of friendship …

okay friend

This could be the starting point for a great logo.

LOL are u serious or something?