Why My Theme Rejected ?

My New Theme Sketch view:

Im sketch theme upload themeforest but your response mail reject.
1-Mail view:

2- Mail view:

Is is just these 3 home page designs?

  • The fundamental typography, spacing, and especially hierarchy are not really up to the standard for here

  • There’s inconsistencies between sections

  • Certain elements including bullet point seem stretched

  • Why on a boat design is the footer full of web design and content marketing services? If I was a reviewer that would make me think that it was copied from somewhere else.

Is is just these 3 home page designs? NO 10 item

If I give you a private preview of each one individually, will you offer me a suggestion? So I can edit it and load the theme again

I’m not a designer so not the right person to advise beyond the basics. I can see issues that would definitely need fixing especially the typography and attention to detail in consistency etc. but to be honest you probably need more advice from design experts

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