Why my theme has been hard rejected? Reasons please.

Hi everyone

My theme is hard rejected.
Its very important for me.
Please say what i do wrong.
I need yours help.

URL: https://fl-theme.com/wp/ineco/


Hi @ForasLab,

Welcome to the forums! I’m not a reviewer, but I suppose that your theme wasn’t rejected because it’s bad. I really like it, but I feel like the real reason is that there’s nothing absolutely unique about your design. You may simply be unlucky :slight_smile:

I would love to see what other input can fellow authors provide though :slight_smile:


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Hello mate,

Nice work indeed as @LucaThemesCom said. I personally like your sidebar menu. However, even though Iam not a wordpress expert, here is my advice:

  • Don’t focus on the blog. It cant be the main feature, even though Envato wants WordPress themes with a functional blog. Create original pages.

  • You can do a bit better for typography hierarchy, even though is pretty good looking right now

  • Buttons feel like the “default style”. Add some style to your buttons, make them stand out.

  • As Luca said, you might miss a bit of luck.

Don’t worry, I’ve seen lots of authors complaining while so far from being approved. You are not in this case. Iam sure you will manage to be approved, with this theme or another one ! Keep up the good work and don’t lose faith !




What was reviewer’s message and what was your theme’s title?

If you check themeforest you will find tons the similar themes. Your theme is not unique.