Why my theme got Hard Reject ?

Hi Gus,

I had uploaded my theme on themeforest with all themeforest necessary Standards in place. But my theme got a hard reject stating that Quality is not upto the mark. I am not able to figure out what could be possibly wrong with it.

I checked with 3 main plugin in theme.

  1. Envato Theme Check
  2. Theme Unit Data
  3. Monster Widget

Landing Page url : https://iqonicthemes.com/wp-themes/intro/
Theme Demo Url :

Would really appreciate help of the community members to give hints about the issues.


Your connection is not private

Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).

Your url demos open web error, screenshots:


Thanks for your time.
I have temporarily moved demo out of my domain for testing.
can you try with

If reviewer saw this warning message he will close your demo immediately and will hard reject your item, You already have domain use it for your demos too and don’t use SSL unless you bought certificate.

Its a nice theme overall.

Needs some more tweaking. Some parts feel very cramped on a laptop screen. Also have a look at your spacing / positioning in general.

Good Luck.

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