Why my templete getteing rejected ???

Why my templete getteing rejected ??? http://itglobalonline.com/project/forcam/

-Validator Errors
-Design Quality

Hi there,

I just opened your website but seema that that your item is not even responsive??( In 2017? :slight_smile: )

Anyhow, at a first check everything seems to be bad, from typography to graphic elements(no premium images = a bad item ).

I will check it later from my pc and give some advices.


As @ThemeSLR said it’s not responsive and is broken on mobile even when shrunk

The fundamentals are not theremwith spacing, hierarchy, typography etc.

The design is very outdated and simple

It’s basically the same 3 sections repeated twice in different orders

This will never be accepted and the best advice anyone can give you is to abandon it and take time to develop your skills and understanding of the quality and standards needed for here, before starting something new

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