Why my templates get rejected ?

Hello. I want to know why my templates get rejected and they send me this message:
Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Mediana - Multipurpose PSD Template Collection” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.
I spent a lot of time to make this template and they didn’t say any useful information!
It is not fair. Please help me…

With respect, these are a long way off the standard.

• PSDs need to offer premium value, features, functionality etc. to the level that people would want to buy it and code it (including all the necessary pages etc. to do this). Right now, it’s all a bit basic and needs a lot more to it. E.g. individual post, game, singer profiles

• Previews feel stretched, blurry and pixelated

• Previews feel very unfinished and rushed

• Design principals in particular typography, construction, and spacing need a lot of work

First one (games)

• Typography is a major issue in this one – font choices, sizing, hierarchy (lack of)

• Copy/paste content is lazy and feels unfinished

• Sign up box is empty and should be two fields e.g. name and email

• As each section is a bit like a post preview these need to be distinct and pixel perfect on things like structure, hierarchy, spacing between copy, stars, icons etc.

Second (music)

• Don’t use copyrighted pictures of people

• Nav is not evenly spaced

• Those 4 icons look awful and are far too big and free looking

• If you are going to have concert tickets and singers sections then these need to be in the nav

There’s more but these are basics. All in all, I think you need to spend some time refining your design skills and look at what it takes to be a big seller on here in terms of quality, attention to detail and construction.


An easy way to make your design stand out for the bugs it has is to remove all elements that improve it without effort. In easier phrasing, remove all the background images, leave the design “naked”, then you will see all the flaws it has.

A background image can enhance the design and hide “all” aesthetic bugs, but remember, you’re selling stock. Customers won’t necessarily use your background image, bug, their own, in which case, the design starts having problems! :blush: