Why my template was rejected.

This is my demo link https://skyline.dreamthemes.pl/intro.html

Can you suggest me how to improve this item to meet quality standards?
I will be happy for any adivice.


Your design is good but you need to work more on it for approval. Some areas look pretty ordinary specially the footer and sections above it. There are some spacing issues as well.

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Thanks for reply

I can suggest you change the footer by adding 3-4 columns with urls.

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Thank you for your time which you spend :slight_smile:

Hi @dreamthemes16

I have checked your demo. Please never mind you have to improve much. In your template spacing, typography, visual hierarchy issues exist. Spacing and typography need more attention. please check most recent trending Items and study more.
Best of luck for your next submit.


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Thank you very much :slight_smile: