why my template rejected for themforest


Hard to tell from just these images - is it a PSD or code?

The typography needs a lot of work

There needs to be significantly more features and pages e.g. destination page, booking page, etc.

suggest me which category can i design and how many page need to be created

It’s not as simple as that - it can be any category you want as long as you ensure premium quality design and execution and a mix of features, functionality, and versatility that warrants someone paying for it, and making it competitive with the wider market.

can i use free html, css, bootstrap css ,js and any kind of free code or need licience for free code

Work needs to be original.

You cannot use freebie scripts and code unless it has a commercial license and even then free will almost certainly not be premium enough for approval.

I have tried many times and got rejected. Best thing is need to do a unique design concerning typographic design.

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