Why my template psd was hard rejected my other account?

Hi to all:

My psd design is very good but not basic, I not understand why was hard rejected? :frowning:


please help me thanks.

@goofydadog @Muse-Master @hevada @BloomPixel

please help me, thanks.

nothing help me

For a website homepage it is very basic, the colours are okay but the design is very ‘flat’.

I would look at changing the header making it more interesting and definitely look at adding more fonts, one thing I got rejected on was my font pairing so look at font pairs and maybe change the fonts up.

the title “About” with the triangles on doesn’t look very good in my opinion, it really doesn’t suite a wedding page.

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do I can fix this tempalte and upload again themeforest? please help me thanks.

Hi @JeriTeam

Your design is very basic. There are already many PSD templates available. You need to make it unique and attractive.

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Many thanks. I try make other design new. regards.

Very basic Design. Try to make high quality PSD design. But color was good.

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