Why my Template is rejected ?

hi all. you can find my template sample in the following links.

can any one give me a clear points. what mistake i have done in this template. so that i can
understand my mistakes. and improve my self on the next template. please help bro

When you use pre-render fire footage with any logos, you have to consider compositing it well to avoid the separate look as I see now in the video preview. what I see is just fire in the background moving backward with the logo as well. in addition, This kind of logo now is hard to get approval as there is a lot of fire style in the market with fire and fade in/out logo.

Hope this criticism will help you in the next project. Good luck :+1:


This :star: :arrow_up_small:

Plus the logo doesn’t reveal in any way - there are no fancy reveal effects, it just appears. In the current condition of the market, you need to put more effort into how the logo appears too. Zooming out, or fading in, in most cases isn’t enough anymore (unless the surrounding graphics/idea is very new and not seen before, then a simpler reveal might get approved too).

Best of luck! :smiley:

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@ pxlzero @Atamotion
you two guys are super hero to me. your criticism on my logo reveal helped me a lot. Thank you very very much for your reply