Why my template is Hard Rejected [Need Feedback]

After waited for 13 days they hard rejected my theme not even soft rejection
Need feedback from you guys
Here is the URL

Wiyh respect you are way off the standard for here.

  • There’s not really anything especially premium here which couldn’t be found in many freebie files.

  • It seems a bit like standard Bootstrap type elements just spaced over a few pages and there certainly are not enough features, versatility, uniqueness to compete with the range of files already for sale

  • It’s really frustrating to have a massive menu in the footer where none of the links actually work and appears lazy

  • If you’re going to preview blog posts then you have to have blog posts to read

  • There are fundamental issues throughout with basics like spacing, typography, padding etc. but the concept needs evolving first.

I’d strongly suggest looking at the top items for sale and understand the attention to detail in their work.

I can accept that there will be issue like spacing, typography etc, but you can’t say that my template is look like a standard bootstrap template.

and what you say about this template

It is soft rejected. Do you think the design is premium???

and what about this one ??
it is accepted and even novice designer can say that design is bad.

And I can list here more than 80-100 templates which have bad design but still the managed to get approval.

I sound rude, sorry for that.