Why my template got rejected?

Hey authors,

I uploaded this HTML template today and it got rejected (Hard Rejected) and they didn’t mention any reason. Can anyone check this template and let me know why it got rejected? What was wrong with this template?


@charlie4282 can you check this?


With respect just my personal opinion your template has issues as like premuim design lack, spacing issues in section to section you din’t maintained same space (at bottom you have more space) and also spacing issues in design elements, line height, typographic, font, contrast issues. you have to provide unique aesthetics design, premuim design with best UI.



Thanks for replying and giving valuable feedback. But one thing comes up in my mind, most of the times, templates get soft rejected when such issues, like spacing, font etc. occur. My template could have got soft rejected, then why it is hard rejected?

your item got rejected because of premuim design lack. Design must should to be unique aesthetics design, premuim design with best UI to get approve. On blog section on hover your design is jumping not stable. Product section design just a slider of product is not a premuim design. Inshort you got rejected because of design quality standard.

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