Why my template get rejected ?

I have designed a very good website. in my sense, this is cool in coding. 100% responsive but envato rejected to publish my item. please someone help me to find the cause. please please… i really want to publish my item.

This is my live link

With all due respect you are way off.

  • The design itself lacks originality, contemporary or premium quality

  • Logo is not good

  • Typography is very plain

To compete is such a crowded category i.e. one page HTML you have got to bring something different and a flawless design

I don’t know what is the cool coding is. By the way, my point of view:

  1. Animation is too heavy and Unnecessary.
  2. Visual Hierarchy and Visualization Problem.
  3. Need to improve typography.

Specially You need to improve:

  1. Slider and Logo
  2. Left Block of Skill
  3. Portfolio
  4. Team members
  5. Footer

Also think about color pallet. Good Luck! :slight_smile:

Agree with @charlie4282 and @CodePassenger.

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I think there re hundreds of webpage similar to yours, like the other commentors make yours outstanding, be a little bit original. Though your demo is cool

Can you please share the rejection message as well?