Why my Salsa Flyer Hard Reject??? Please Help

Hi @irshaddarpan!

  1. The main, overall design and typography looks dated and low quality unfortunately.
  2. The colors/effects on your text look very dated and low quality. If you’re trying to recreate a gold and silver effect, it’s important to make it look realistic. There are a bunch of great tutorials on Tuts+ that can help you. Try the following to get you started: 3D Metallic Text Tutorial // Metallic Text with Layer Styles // Elegant Textured Metal // Shiny Metallic Text
  3. Choice of images looks dated.

My recommendation to you would therefore be, improve your typography, ensure that any metallic effects you add to your text look realistic and believable, use better/higher quality photos and consider going for something with more of a contemporary look and feel. It might be easier and best to start from scratch rather than try to tweak and salvage what you already have. Hope this helps. :thumbsup:

thanks for valueable feedback sir.