Why my projects were Hard Rejected again and again...?

Every time they rejected giving the same __ answer,
Unfortunately your submission ------ Display isn’t ready

I am Fed Up Now :frowning:

And this is third project i get rejected.

Hey John, I like the idea, but I bet, that the main reason for rejecting this logo was the too complicated shape. Imo I would delete the flash and some unneeded circles and lines to simplify it. I would also delete the strong line beetween the shape and main title.

Hope it helps, don’t be fed up, just learn from mistakes :wink:

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Hey Survivor, Thank you very much for your suggestion. I really appreciate the time
you took to think about it and I find it to be very helpful.

will try to make this simple and appealing :slight_smile:

hi John, u have to rework your typo and bring somethign more worked out to the table , that’ what u are much expected to do here (it can be discussed but that’s the way it is here …) and afterwards u need to pay attention not to have too many small details , here’s that another good reason to have your work rejected …