Why my project rejected?

Hi all. My project is rejected by the reviewer. Why my project rejected? Help me to understand the reason for the refusal. I’m confused. Please express your opinion on this issue.

Preview here : https://youtu.be/8OsGJ329JP8

Guys! I welcome any criticism. Write at least anyone that this work - shit, and it does not cost anything. Reassure me please…

the problem is: this is not a shit and we have no idea what is wrong with it. maybe too much blue (this orange-blue filter very hard).

It seems to me that the problem is not in the color reproduction. But I will think about this. Thanks for the advice.

Man, it’s so repetitive that I thought for a moment the video was looping endlessly, try to make each scene of your template as unique as you can especially in competitive categories such as the slideshows category.

Also without a great design, you can’t really stand out from the crowd, and in my opinion and with all due respect, this template doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

A few things you might want to rework them:

  • The light-leak effect is overused;
  • Those flashing yellow squares ruin the whole template, I’d remove them completely;
  • The URL at the top should be moved to the right (and maybe change the font);
  • And again, the repetitiveness is a major problem.

Good luck.

I assumed that it the monotony in the transitions is a major problem. And just I wanted to hear it from someone else, to be sure. Yes, and yellow squares do not look well enough (it’s true). Thank you for the good advice. I think it will help.