Why my project reject?

Hello everyone, I uploaded my project in GraphicRiver but my project rejected Can you please help me?

hi buddy , i am sure that u tried to do your best but , sorry to tell u the ugly truth, your item is miles away from the standards right now … have a look at the incredible looks of @Novocaina of @MonkeyBOX or @BigWeek, who for me are the very best menu makers of the whole roster … even if i am not sure that right now u can take your game to such proficiency and skills that these huge designers have , they will give u, without the shadow of a doubt an idea of what excellence is all about …

now back to your current item …
here is what u should do in my view …

1- typography
pls rework it , try to do something modern and eye punching … at this stage what u have looks old (pls no offense ok? i guess u did your best and respect this …)

2- global style
the problem is that right now we have no idea of what kind of cuisine / food we have to deal with … pls push the envelope graphic design wise … think about it … what would be the interest of anyone who can use photoshop tools to buy your item this far? they could redo in less than 30 minutes … so u need to bring originality, a specific style, some unique combinations and a special touch to the table …

3- readability / spacing
despite u rather have a rather big contrast with the BG colors , your texts are not this readable indeed … i guess this is due to the choice of fonts and also the too small spaces between lines and so on until texts seem to be “choking”

4- dividers
forget about the dividers that u use next to titles … this makes your design look old and this is not graphic enough

5- torn paper effect
in such a context this is not working well … because not matching with the global style, plus this is badly positioned in my view, i assume that would be a much better idea to try to put it as a “top banner” and thus separating only the title from the rest …

Thank you for this information

LOL ok so you are welcome