Why my Project reject ?

I was upload template by name Blood Donate - Mobile app PSD Template
and it was reject by admin, you send me some article about the project reject i did’t understand, just i want to know some point of why my project reject to upload another file again .



Sorry to hear that your item got rejected, however please have a look at currenty approved items in order to find out regarding requirements

Sorry about that. Maybe you need some improvements then submit again.

Hey @MuhamamdEid
You can post the JPG version of your PSD here to get some feedback from the community.

Here my design hope to find my issue and give me feedback.

when you uploaded final file did you replaced all images with placeholders?

No i did’t

If i don’t have how can bring it, and can i remove image from final upload or must use placeholder img

thanks so much

yes you use images from unsplash and give link to that in description and main file also…for example in description: Images used in preview used from Here: http://unsplash.com
second thing before saving main file you just replace all the images with some default placeholder image.
make sure you are giving help file that explaining how to replace text, images and etc…
give the link for icons which website you have used.

Like that. i remove image from live and make a smart object and name is : Place our image here

This is how i ll do

Hello Again my friend,
i was make a new brand with no image on live and give description as you told me and make a documentation for user how to use
and also my design reject i so tired and sad for that
please look that my design

and this my package

and preview package

Why they reject my design why

ok…like this only i did…i am also new user for envato…so, you can ask other authors feedback …they might tell exact reason…