Why my project is not listed in "Best selling under $18" category?

I lowered the price of one of my projects below $18, but it is not listed in the “Best selling under $18” category?? The project has 400 sales.

The list updated weekly and maybe your item can be listed on next Monday. Also there is a factor like you have to compete with weekly selling count, total selling count etc.

I lowered the price 20 days ago.

In the section ’ Best selling under $16/$18’ you will see ‘View all’ button. click on the ‘View all’ button and it will take the the list page. from that page check your current position. To get listed in that section your position should be within 1-4.

“Best selling under…” section requires your item to be updated in the last year. You can check requirements if you click on “view all”.

Your item was updated in 2013. That is why it’s not listed.

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