Why my product is rejected every time. No author can help me?

I am trying to upload my second product on codecanyon. I learnt many things about quality standards from my first upload. I followed all quality standards, Still my second product also hard regected.
Is there any good author who can review and approve my product?

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You can post your items here on the forum and get feedback from other authors.

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Do you think they can help me too? Since I have the same problem and I have been with him for about 6 months.

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With respect if you are that protective of your code then stock marketplaces are not the place for you to be operating.

You don’t need to publicly share everything - just the demo link is probably enough. More often than not, that will be enough to see issues without the need to deep dive into source codes.

On a separate note - if you share demo links to get feedback then you have as much of a record as emailing it to a stranger.

Besides (most people here are not like that anyway) no one wants to rip an item which is rejected!