why my presentation design rejceted

very funny because the designs I made and which I thought were good were rejected, and bad designs were accepted. Is that envato in class. please help me give advice on this design, is it can be sent back


Uploading: Portfolio.jpg…

today I still can’t believe it. but i will fix it. can you please help me where this error lies

hi indeed, there are a lot of things that maybe reproached to your designs from where i sit …
so let’s start
red one
1- typo
sorry to tell u just this , but as for me the item is nowhere near from the standards that are being required in terms of typo here, no matter what u create and where u post … . The thing is really super flat, lacking relief, font variations, font combinations, and most importantly again, some touches of originality indeed …
2- readability
u made all kind of mistakes here … from texts crossing pictures to text crossing objects but the fact of the matter is that some texts are close to unreadable and the thing gets worse when , in the meanwhile, u also break the hierarchy in the process …
3- hierarchy of information
some texts are to given the visibility , the readability , the impact that they should get as regard to the face that they are general titles, or category titles, in any event, u are expected to have them being outstanding, noticed, readable and so on and this is not much what u have at the moment …
4- global style
to be honest there is nothing “revolutionary” here all give the feeling of deja vu and as u may know with the saturation of the diverse markets , this decreases gamely the interest that your item is offering indeed , not to mention that there is not so much graphic design in what u have here … most of the design being made of pictures, lines and geometrical shapes … in addition the black and hit picture thing is underlining a bit more the lack of general relief that u have here at this stage
5- alignment
pls keep in mind that this is a template that u are creating and as so , u are expected to have everything perfectly aligned as much as possible …
6- text disposition and breathings
some texts are too close from margins , this prevent them from “breathing”

1- target
hard to identify what is the concept and what is the target of this item, in other words, who the template is meant to … quite frankly, personally i have no idea … that maybe a pro, somehow but this is also a con , too as ,even when it comes to searching, potential buyers would have trouble to find the item as not being clearly identifying to who this is addressed …
2- contrast
well this is a major issue here as u are violating a basic design principle that leads u into further trouble in a snowball effect indeed …
3- readability
once again there are some real issues to have texts readable, being well identified and so on , mainly because of the contrast issue but not only , once again u have texts crossing picture and / or shapes and this ends up having text not popping out , being hardly visible and so on …
4- hierarchy of information
well u can check the paragraph for the other item, this is exactly th thing that happens, the same problems that u are being confronted with
5- execution
i understand that u tried to give a bit of a grunge uneven style to your item but indeed, some shapes really look weird and rather “uncontrolled” in terms of execution rather than any other thing and this ends up, in my view in a rather not aesthetic outcome …
6- typo
well this is slightly better than for the other item but honestly despite there a bit more relief, this is still far from what is expected right now
7- breathings
pls check the paragraph for the other design, once again, u have the very same issues …

So, can I send back the same design style, by changing some elements that are considered wrong?

in order to resubmit, u have to bring “significant changes” to the item … read whatever u like in this lol more seriously i think that if u fix all that is evoked or a great deal this should be possible , in my view