why my powerpoint hard rejected?

I’m not filled payout account yet, does it reason for hard rejected?

No, hard rejections are usually because of item quality, you should have gotten an email stating if this was the case.

hi this is globally too “raw” , the background is lacking having more graphic design work if u ask me. Then, the combination of color is neither the more logical, nor the more harmonious , too. Some colors do not match pretty and one is even driving u into deeper trouble, as the grey is resulting in the fact that u are violating a basic design principle (contrast) , which, in a snowball effect leads u into doing another thing wrong … having texts that are hard or even almost impossible to read … pls think about it, what is the pint having some texts if they cannot be read in items in general but in such an item i particular. Otherwise, the typo is sort of clean but also far from standards that people have here. Here typo is a major issue and much effort is asked for this. At this stage , u do not have originality touches enough, variations enough, font combinations enough and this impacts the hierarchy of information. Plus , u have a few issues of disposition of texts and the major one is as regard to the titles that turn out to be too close form the upper edge of the canvas. This is preventing th document from offering “breathings” enough in the end