why my plugin name and description is not showing by a plugin detector

Hello guys,
Few days ago i publish a plugin on codecanyon.
and yesterday i visit http://www.wpthemedetector.com/ (i use this site to know the theme / plugin name )
and search with my domain name , which i use for my plugin demo.
then i saw my plugin name and description is missing :frowning:

if any one face this problem before or know how to solve this issue please comment.

Thanks in advance :wink:

I suspect that only works for plugins in the WordPress.org repository (because the code is public), and not for premium plugins. Otherwise, how could it know that information? It’s not public in a plugin like it is in a theme. In a plugin, that metadata is in a PHP file, which should not be publicly readable like a theme’s style.css would be.

If it’s not picking up from a plugin that is in the repository, that probably just means it hasn’t scraped it yet (if it’s a new plugin, for example).

Thank you @sevenspark .
now it’s fully clear for me :slight_smile: