Why my php sctipt is getting rejected.

I have tried many times, but my script is getting rejected by reviewers. Also not telling us proper reason for that. Just receive mail like rejected because quality check do not match. But I can see many of scripts are available in marketplace which is worst then our script, then how they are approved.
Need some solution for author.

Often the reason is that the item you are submitting doesn’t offer unique features on top of something that already exists in the marketplace. Can you provide a demo/preview of the item?

But there are so many items having same features, then why they are approved. Even i have seen scripts that is not enough content, then also its there.

It’s impossible to offer advice without seeing what you submitted. Share the demo link here

I would support a language sanctioned fork, but the idea of creating a new language that has to run on the same VM and engine is entirely too restrictive, and many desirable features couldn’t be implemented that way.

Actually envato Team is just running a tool to check code, and that tool may detect some correct code as errors, so my Product is rejected so many times. I am using PHP Mailer library files in my project, which is ready and open source to use, now it may have many files, so I can take care of coding standards in files which I create, but the library files, how to check each and every file. Again same library files are used in other products which are already approved by envato.
So I am totally confused, how to approve my product.
Is there any tool which can guide us about what is their quality standards?
Kindly Help.

I am not a reviewer but I am certain the process is more complex than running scripts through a code checking tool.

Again without seeing the item. What it does, the way it is presented and executed then you won’t be able to get feedback

Phrases like “there are so many items having same features” immediately suggest a likely problem and potential cause for rejection.

If it’s something that already exists many time Dover, or that can be found pretty much as a freebie elsewhere then it will not get through regardless of coding standards