why my php script getting rejected even I have modified which I understood.

My item not getting approved, please some one can tell where I am going wrong. Please suggest what should I modify there. It is for bulk email sending software.
demo url: http://lifeinsuranceonline.tech/
user: admin
password: 123456

As disclosure i have used multiple email campaign engines, currently i am using Mailwizz.

Checked your demo page product looks legit. seems lightweight and is fast, has smooth navigation, must have options are in place.

Could be competition issue, there are lots of quality product on the market that already solve the same issue and have much more functionality.

Hoverer there are some issues that current products do not support, and could be game changer for your product.

Top issue is quality page builder for landing pages and emails, there are lots of opensource libraries that you could easily use GrapeJS would be a good start!

My product is much simpler but unique in it’s field, if you have experience with perfex would be nice to have your feedback on it.

Perfex Module Rejected - Envato Forums

i am not a designer but too much white and big menu is what i would find not good

I’m not sure but I think the theme is that I mostly see white, you should mix with other colors to make it more vivid.