Why my logos items rejected??

This is the third time my items rejected.
whhy is that???
and always the same answer in my e-mail "Unfortunately your submission GeekChat isn’t ready for GraphicRiver and cannot be resubmitted as it did not meet our minimum requirements for quality and/or Envato Market policies"
what the hell is that minimum requirements ???

i work hard about 2h in my logo and in last the same answer i hate that :((
and the lack of feedback does not encourage me to keep trying on uploading
and giving my best!



I really see very good your work

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hi Ayumu, indeed, your geek one is cute and creative , but the problem is that the upper part of your logo is definitely the kind of think that they do not like here … they always consider much about small sizes and in the case of a very small size , this is right that your item is not much visible , at least the upper part of it … .As for Idea mind, indeed, no doubt that u have taken some time to do but as for me it simply doesn’t look good enough, there’s something a bit weird about the shape that it creates and that will look like too much of a fantasy thing for corporate companies and i am afraid that thus the commercial potential of your item is rather low , at leafs i think so …there’s probably something to do out of the idea but i think that u need sme rework graphically speaking

Ty so much :blush:

u are welcome , i am happy if i cold help you :wink:

This is another logo i recently upload it
But unfortunately he is rejected :disappointed:

What u think??

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I don’t think that will help you, but I really like your style.

Thank u so much eliasa :blush: it help me, ty

hi for me this is sort of cute and it cold be a thing to start with but u have to make reach the next level indeed. i think that’s important for you to have more harmony and that typo and illustration are attaching we with each other. I also thick that the hair u’ve added is sort of funny but i am quite sure that they will consider as a bothering element when u scale down the logo as well …

same problem with me bro

Yes Bro maybe envato is not good

u can’t say that , it may just be not the right place for you to sell, which is a different story, besides , most of the big dogs play here, which means that the place is not so bad … plus that’s why sometimes some guys who want to go too high too fast fail to act up and improve to be able to fight with them or even to face quality requirements …