why my logo was rejected? what is the requirements needed? :/

hi sorry to say just the but basically this logo is having a low commercial value in my view as i tend to believe that people would rather redo it - what would not take much time - and same money that simply buy … apart from shapes being rather basic and the concept not being very easy to identify in the first place , the typo is quite flat and lacking originality and font combinations indeed

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thanks for respond, but the most important and the hard to find is th idea not the shapes. adidas and nike logos are also easy to redo :slight_smile:

If you don’t show us that bird I will never guess what is it. Your shape is to abstract. Your logo shape is far away from your idea.

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I see in this image: a beard, a bench press, front of a racing car, a dog’s face, etc. But I don’t see a bird there. In addition, the bird is a very graceful creature that flies.
I do not see lightness in this image :snowflake: :airplane: :butterfly: On the contrary, the image is very massive and heavy :black_large_square:

so funny :slight_smile:)

Many famous logos are easy to do, but they are also copyrighted, and made specifically for that brand. There’s a big difference between a custom made logo and a marketplace logo. Marketplace logos should have a simple concept that can be used for a wide variety of businesses/products, but also be complex enough that a customer sees it as worth spending money on.


lol yeah maybe but they may but they keep on being exceptions that all people can easily identify and remember and let me remind off the fact that if people do this is also due to the fact that these companies had strong marketing and product campaigns that greatly help for this too …

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this is what i tried to explain … but maybe u expressed it a better way than i did lol

u are absolutely right buddy and this is legitimate to mention about it as it seems that a lot of designers fail to identify this. BTW, this is what i meant , too , but i guess u expressed more efficiently than i did , your formulation is crystal clear , well done :slight_smile:

thank you so much that is a helpful advice i appreciate it

yeah i agree with you. thank u so much for advice

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u are very welcome :slight_smile: