Why My logo template get rejected ?


I don’t understand , I saved file 80px*80px in 72dpi but still got rejection .Please help me.

hi lol 80x80 is the thumbnail only and this is not enough yo do this to make sure that the item is being accepted for sale. Judging by the thumbnail only , I see a good deal of potential reasons for the item to be rejected , in my view. First of all a logo is made of two parts , amn illustration one and a text one , when , right now, as for we can see , u have one , the illustration one. Then two parts of the illustration part are not aligned properly and alignment is a basic design principle , so this is not a good thing to mess with, to say the very least. Then the global style is sport of too simple and same goes a bit with the concept as well, by the way. There is no “effect” only plain color. As there is no typo in what u show this is confusing as regard to what the item is and this flattens it all as none of the relief expected from the typo part is present, of course, too

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I got email from envato in which only thumbnail show me ,that’s why I add only thumbnail in here.

In that email they tell me logo quality not match with stander quality .

no, people cannot help u efficiently with thumbnail only … this basically means that some elements were missing, including some very important part as typo , which is a central thing here. So, to further complete my previous comment , I assume that introducing a tagline would help u to offer a much better , more efficient typo generating more relief in the end, too. Globally the logo probably too bulky if u ask me, more variations would be welcome and would help in making the item get more finesse and visual attractiveness as well. Colors combinations and the overall contrast could be improved too. The “italic” of the font that u are using is rather a problem when it comes to the imbrication of both illustration and text parts according to me

I am freelancer on truelancer site. I created this logo to submit my entry in truelancer contest and This entry got shortlisted and the name what I used in this logo is that’s contest fitness club name . So ,this is not a typo what you think .

This is very competitive site… :sunglasses: All Authors here from small to big Who have earned Millions $. Waste their precious time to get 1 item approved. :slight_smile:

This is not the solution to my problem.

LOL well maybe … but the thing is that here this is not customized logo that u are meant to sell but templates, if u do not identify what is the difference, then u will be facing much of a problem indeed … in addition, u have to figure out that all places have different expectations ,here typo is a major issue … we may discuss it and consider that this should not be prevailing so much though here expectations are globally high about it no matter what is the category where u are posting , u cannot get on a basketball field and play football, if u know what I mean, u have to abide by the rules if u wish this is a private marketplace and they determine what is right and what is not according to their own standards … In addition, pls do not take this personally but some “awards” from some websites are quite easy to get and basically they do not mean anything too much … lots of guys boasting around about such accomplishments turn out to get their stuffs hard rejected over and over again here , period and to be honest with u , I do not see such an incredible logo here , this maybe fitting the needs of some customers for their companies, ok, no problem but this is not the logo of the century either , if u ask me … I also disagree with u … when u told Minterbro the thing u said … u have to understand that all the people have rejections nowadays … as a designer for 17 years + I can tell u that I am not free from rejections, too and many great authors that I know, too. U have to accept to have a look at your item with eyes from others and try to check what u could improve to possibly take your game to the next level , this is more positive and a way better strategy on the longer run